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Wireline exploration drilling rig is used to research the geological condition. The traditional method of exploration drilling is to drill by rotary action to cause a core to be extracted within the barrel. Therefore, while drilling, the entire heavy drill pipe should be withdrawn repeatedly. This is impractical and arduous. To resolve such problem, the wireline exploration drilling comes into being. Generally, it is method to pull up the core inside the barrel. To be specific, after the rock is broken by the drill bit, it would be easy to stop the drilling, and lower a simple grabbing device by a wire and pull up the core. Generally speaking, there are 5 wireline tube sizes. Larger tubes produce core with larger diameter and thus requires more drill power. The choice of the tube size should be decided both by the diameter expected and the depth that can be drilled with a particular drilling rig motor.

Wireline exploration drilling rig is small volume, light weight. As a result, it is convenient to transport. It enjoys high coring efficiency and is able to work from a whole range of angles. It can put the drilling rod to the very right place where it is to be drilled. By using the wireline exploration drilling rig, the coring integrity is ensured with little impact. Its drill bit is usually diamond one or artificial diamond one. Besides, it should be equipped with water cool system to wash out the cuttings. The wireline exploration drilling rig should be tough and flexible to operate. It should also be firmly and securely fixed to ensure the drilling safety.

The wireline exploration drilling rig is used in the mining industry to probe the contents of the ore deposits and the potential sites. By withdrawing the rock sample with certain diameter, the geologist can analyze its chemical and physical features. It is also suitable for the entire machinery manufacturing such as the steel structure, heavy machine, and bridge project as well as oil exploration.

Types for choice:
Spindle type Wireline Exploration Drilling Rig:
XY-4, XY-42, XY-44A, HXY-2BT, HXY-4T, HXY-42T, HXY-44T, HXY-5A, HXY-6A, HXY-6BII, HXY-8, HXY-8B, HXY-8B, HXY-9, Trailer-type HXY-2BT, Trailer-type XY-42
Hydraulic Wireline Exploration Drilling Rig (Spindle type)

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