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The GM-20A engineering drilling rig (with drilling tower) incorporates the features of the rotary table drilling rig, the unit head drilling rig and the spindle drilling rig. It has strong torque and high drilling efficiency because of its ability to drill precisely. The range of its rotary speed is pretty wide. The engineering drilling rig can be hydraulically pressurized or depressurized to conduct the drilling. The hydro-cylinder lifting tower can work at very fast speed. By using the lifting tower, the reinforcement cage can be loaded directly.
The auxiliary winch has powerful lifting force. The drilling rig is crawler-mounted. This makes it easier to position the drilling hole. The engineering drilling rig can conduct the reverse circulation drilling and the normal circulation drilling. It is also suitable to drill the conglomerate formation of the quaternary period and the hard formation. The drilling rig can be used to drilling of the large-diameter foundation pile such as that of bridge, highway and high building.

The GM-20A engineering drilling rig consists of unit head, rotator, winch, clutch, speed control system and oil pump as well as diesel engine.

1. In virtue of its well-distributed structure, the GM-20A engineering drilling rig has small volume and light weight.
2. It can work with various drilling techniques and has wide application. This has something to do with its large torque and precise drilling.
3. Its rotator is fixed. This together with its precise drilling makes the pile hole a low oversize coefficient
4. Pressurizing by the beam engine, the engineering drilling rig has high drilling efficiency and great thrust force. 
5. The shift stroke of the derrick is 1500mm. And its orifice is quite open. As a result, the trip is easy.
6. Adopted the hydro- cylinder lifting tower, the drilling tower can be lifted safely at the fast speed. It is convenient to manage and maintain.
7. The crawler makes
8. The drilling rig has a stable performance. It is flexible to operate without causing any risk.


 1.Drilling Capacity
φ168 Reverse Circulation Drilling Rod
 Drilling Diameter  2000mm
 Drilling Depth  80m
Model: Rotator, Fixed; Beam Engine, Pressurized
Rotary Speed: Forward, fifth gear  10.4, 19, 31, 49.3, 76.5 r/min
Reverse, first gear  11.8r/min
Max. Torque  40000Nm
Max. Pressurizing Force of Beam  100000N
Max. Lifting Force of Beam  120000N
Feeding Stroke  400mm
Through-hole of Rotator   φ247×223mm  Hexagonal Hole
(1) Main Winch
 Model: Planetary Gear Transmission , Manual Brake
Max. Lifting Force(Single Rope)  45000N
Rated Lifting Force(Six Ropes)  270000N
Lifting Speed (Single Rope)  0.68, 1.25, 2, 3.2, 5m/s
Diameter of Wire Line  18.5mm
Reel Capacity  90m
(2)Auxiliary Winch  
Model: 2K-H Planetary Gear Transmission , Manual Brake
Max. Lifting Force  30000N
Lifting Speed  0.6, 1.15, 1.79, 2.85, 4.41m/s
Diameter of Wire Line  φ15.5mm
Reel Capacity  80mm

Aligned Auxiliary Apparatus

1. SF-168 Water swivel
2. CF-180 Bushing retainer
3. 6BS Sludger unit
4. ZF-222A Hexagonal Kelly
5. ZFL-180 Reverse circulation drill pipe
6. H3-18t Swing pulley
7. TF-180 Elevator

The GM-20A engineering drilling rig is nude packaged.

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