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Drilling Auxiliary Apparatus

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  • Drill TowerDrill tower is a metal framework with certain height and span. It is the significant part of the drill rig. It is made up of crown block, the body, bi-layer platform, derrick and chassis, etc. It is used to locate and hang the drill rig's hoisting system. It is strong enough to store the drill rod or the drill collar. A good drill tower should enjoy large loading capacity, high strength, and toughness as well as integrate stability...
  • Drill Rod Drill rod is a tube or tube-like tools with its end threaded. It is part of the drill string which consists of drilling bit, drill collar, specialized sub and kelly. It is used for rock drill and dowels. Specifically, it is used to connect the drill bit and deliver the power to it. The drill rod enters into the drilling hole together with the drill bit. The drilling rod can transmit the drill mud to the drill bit, too. It is widely used in the exploration and extraction ...

Drilling auxiliary apparatus is used, in assistance with the drilling rig, to accomplish the drilling. Generally speaking, there are surface tools and drilling tools.
 Surface tools, as its name indicates, locates above the ground. They are mainly:
 1. Mud pump: deliver the washing liquor to the drilling hole.
 2. Drilling tower: lift up or down the drilling rig or hang the drilling tools.
 3. Mud mixer: prepare the washing liquor by mechanical mixing.
 4. Water swivel: a rubber tube with high pressure to transmit the washing liquor and connect the rotary drilling tools.
 5. Clamp: grasp the drilling tool and casing to the drilling hole.
Drilling tools refer to the drill rod, drill bit, casing and sub, etc.
1. Drilling rod: a metal tube to transmit the broken rock or the washing liquor. It can be divided into wire-line, right-hand threaded, left-hand threaded, external and internal threaded drill rod and drive pipe as well as Kelly, etc.
2. Drill bit: a specialized tool to break the rock. There are various drill bits: core bit, non-core bit, hard-metal bit, diamond bit, vertical tipped bit and self-sharpening bit, etc.
3. Casing: a tube in the drill hole to protect the wall of the hole and to separate and seal the oil, gas or the water layer.
4. Sub: used to connect the internal threaded drill rod together.