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Surface Core Drilling Rig

There is a comprehensive range of surface core drilling rigs to suit the variety of surface core drilling they are at home in almost any environment. The range consists of all spindle rigs in Huanghai Company, a manufacturer and supplier of drill rig in China.

1. Simplicity and user-friendliness
Working in some of the most isolated parts of the world, operator has to know that the surface core drilling rigs is easy to use and simple to maintain. Those core drilling rigs, including the spindle type and the hydraulic rigs, are outstanding. 
2. Reliable, robust and highly productive
Our surface core drilling rigs are easy to set up thanks to solutions such as the hydraulic jacks that facilitate rapid rig positioning. Robust components, including the separate hydraulic oil cooler and rod holder, ensure reliability. The user-friendly control panel offers the operator a comprehensive view of the core drilling rig while also keeping the elements at bay.

Types for choice:
Spindle type Surface Core Drilling Rig:
XY-2B, XY-4, XY-42, XY-44A, HXY-2BT, HXY-4T, HXY-42T, HXY-44T, HXY-5A, HXY-6A, HXY-6BII, HXY-8, HXY-8B, HXY-8B, HXY-9, Trailer-type HXY-2BT, Trailer-type XY-42
Hydraulic Surface Core Drilling Rig (Spindle type)
Drill Capacity of Surface Core Drilling Rig XY-44A

Drill Rod Varieties Drill Rod Type Drill Depth
Drill Rod Made in China Planer in and out Ф43×6mm(Ф1.69×0.24 inch) 1400 m (4592feet)
Ф54×6 mm(Ф2.13×0.24 inch) 1000 m (3280feet)
Ф67×6 mm(Ф2.64×0.24 inch) 830 m (2722feet)
Thickened Inner Ф50×5.5 mm(Ф1.97×0.22 inch) 1300 m (4264feet)
Ф60×6 mm(Ф2.36×0.24 inch) 950 m (3116feet)
Extracting Core with Wire Line Ф55.5×4.73mm(Ф2.19×0.19inch) 1400 m (4592feet)
Ф71×5 mm(Ф2.80×0.20 inch) 1000 m (3280feet)
Ф89×5 mm(Ф3.50×0.20 inch) 800 m (2624feet)
DCDMA (Diamond Core Drill
Manufacturer Association) made Drill Rod
Thickened Inner BW 1250 m (4100feet)
NW 1000 m (3280feet)
HW 660 m (2165feet)
Extracting Core with Wire Line BQ 1400 m (4592feet)
NQ 1100 m (3608feet)
HQ 750 m (2460feet)
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