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Drilling rig is a machine used to create holes in the ground. It has various types and models concerning its power, structure, drilling method and the position of the derrick. Given this, it is mainly made up of crown block, mast, drill pipe, mud pump, blowout preventer, rotary table, swivel and drilling tower, etc.
Drilling rig is widely used in geology, metallurgy, coal and hydrological wells as well as engineering. To be specific, it can be applied to
1. Coalbed methane drilling. It can be self-propelled or truck/trailer mounted.
2. Surface core drilling. The purpose of the drilling is to achieve integrate core so as to accomplish geological survey or other aims.
3. Tunnel core drilling. Compared with the surface core drilling, it is conducted underground.
4. Piling. It means to provide foundation support for high-rise building.
5. Wireline exploration drilling. To certain extent, it is similar to the surface core drilling, but differs in the coring method.
6. Soil drilling. It is to perform soil investigation.
7. Rock drilling. It is for geological investigation.

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