Full Hydraulic Core Drilling Rig

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Full hydraulic core drilling rig is a diamond or hard-metal drilling rig. It is a multi-functional, highly capable drilling rig which can accomplish wire line coring and top drive drilling. The full hydraulic core drilling is suitable to the exploration of mental or non-mental solid mineral deposits, coal bed methane, natural gas, hydrological wells, geothermal well, mining tunnel and ventilation and drain holes as well as engineering rescue. The full hydraulic core drilling is widely used in the following fields: geology, coal, metallurgy, non-ferrous metal, petroleum, hydrology and engineering.

Component of our Hydraulic Drill Rig
The full hydraulic core drilling rig is composed of diesel power drill, hydraulic system, control system, main winch, wine line coring winch, unit head, feeding system and wellhead clamp.

Feature of the Hydraulic Drill Rig
1. All the coring drills are powered by hydraulic pressure, which enjoys strong transmission power and high stability.
2. The full hydraulic core drilling rig is easy to dissemble. All the dissembled parts are light. That is to say, the drilling rig can be transported effortless.
3. The full hydraulic core drilling rig enjoys simple operation, precise control and high efficiency of coring.


Considering the numerous types of hydraulic drilling rig, here we just take an example of HYDX-5A.

Numerical Order
1 Diesel Engine Model Cummins, 6BTA5.9-C180
2 Power 132 Kw
3 Reotary Speed 2200 rpm
4 Drilling Capacity BQ 1500 m
5 NQ 1200 m
6 HQ 1000 m
7 PQ 680 m
8 Unit Head Capacity of Hydraulic Drill Rig Rotary Speed 0-1145rpm, Second Gear CVT
9 Torque 4010 Nm
10 Through-hole Diameter of Spindle 121 mm
11 Max. Thrust Force 150Kn
12 Max.Feeding Force 7500Kn
13 Capacity of Main Winch Lifting Force 77 Kn(Single Rope)
14 Diameter of Wire Line 18 mm
15 Length of Wire Line 50 m
16 Capacity of Wire Line Winch Lifing Force 12Kn(Single Rope)
17 Diameter of Wire Line 6 mm
18 Length of Wire Line 1500 m
19  Mastof Hydraulic Drill Rig Mast Height 12m
20 Mast Ajustable Angle 0-90°
21 Feeding Stroke 3800 mm
22 Mast Slip Travel 1100 mm
23 Other Items Overall Weight 12500 Kg
24 Dimension 6250×2220×2500mm
25 Travelling Manner Crawler-type
26  Mud Pump of Hydraulic Drill Rig Model Single-acting Triplex Piston
27 Flow Rate 250L/min
28 Pressure 6 Mpa
29 Clamp Clamp Range 55.5-117.5mm

Packaging and Shipping
The hydraulic drill rig will be nude packaged in the shipping manner of 40'HQ.