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Rock Drilling Rig

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Rock drilling rig is such a rig used in engineering geological exploration for railway, highway, and bridge as well as civil and industrial construction. It is made up of diesel engine, rotor, winch, clutch and gearbox as well as hydromantic brake. Usually it is powered by hydraulic pressure and trailer-mounted.

The rock drilling rig is light weight, compact, easy to operate and transport. Its design is compact and reasonable. Its operation is easy and reliable. It has large input power and output torque. Its drilling capacity is strong. Its speed range is extensively. Its working efficiency is high. The rock drilling rig is easy to operate and disassemble, convenient to transport.

Types for choice:
Spindle Rock drilling rig:
XY-4, XY-42, XY-44A, HXY-2BT, HXY-4T, HXY-42T, HXY-44T, HXY-5A, HXY-6A, HXY-6BII, HXY-8, HXY-8B, HXY-8B, HXY-9, Trailer-type HXY-2BT, Trailer-type XY-42
Hydraulic Rock drilling rig (Spindle type)

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