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Piling Rig GM-20A/HYG-2

A piling rig is a construction machine for piling in foundation engineering. Foundation pile drill rig is mainly applied to drill in sandy soil, clay, salty clay, etc to provide the foundation support to buildings or others. It is also an ideal product for bridge, port and railroad worksites. The piling rig (foundation pile drill rig) consists of unit head, rotator, winch, clutch, speed control system and oil pump as well as diesel engine.

Feature of Foundation Pile Drill Rig:
The piling rig can offer increased productivity and versatility. Foundation pile drill rig is multi-functional, i.e. it can conduct pile driving, extracting, and static pressing operations. It has strong torque and high drilling efficiency because of its ability to drill precisely. The range of its rotary speed is pretty wide. Foundation pile drill rig can be hydraulically pressurized or depressurized to conduct the drilling. The piling rig has easy transportability, exceptional stability, and operational safety. It is an ideal choice for foundation contractors across the globe.

Main Structure and Features:
(1). fully hydraulic driven, integrated structure with steel crawlers for the foundation pile drill rig.
(2). the main crane arm of the piling rig is in the function of lifting, lowering, swinging, extending and retracting.
(3). the mast and mast sliding seat can swing simultaneously with the help of hinge seat mechanism.
(4). the mast could do forward and backward movement and side-swing on the mast sliding seat.
(5). the drill head is driven by oil cylinder and chain double-speed mechanism, besides. Piling rig is with dual-chain balancing mechanism.
(6). the drill head of the foundation pile drill rig has the following functions:
a. Oil cylinder turnover
b. Spindle floating
c. Sliding clearance compensation and adjustment
d. Dual-motor with low speed and big torque
e. Top drive piling rig
f. Integrated water swivel structure of foundation pile drill rig
(7). with perfect function of shackles of drill rod.
(8). with integration arrangement of hydraulic system, electric system and mud pump and concentrated and convenient operation function.
(9). the overall unit is compact in structure, complete in function, light in weight and flexible in movement.

Main Technical Specifications:
(1). drilling depth: 150-280m (492-918 feet)
(2). drilling hole diameter. 130-250m (426-820feet)
(3). Drill rod of pilling rig: Φ89×2000mm (Φ3.5×78.7 inch), Φ73×2000(Φ2.87×78.7 inch)
(4). Output Spindle Speed of Drill Head
Positive & Negative: high speed: 0-120rpm
Low speed: 0-60rpm
(5). Foundation pile drill rig Output torque of Spindle High speed:
0-2900 N•M(0-2137 lbf•ft) Low speed: 0-5600 N•M(0-4127 lbf•ft)
(6). Feeding Stroke of Drill Head: 2800mm (110inch)
(7). Max. Lifting Force of Drill Head: 50KN (11240lbf)
(8). Max. Feeding Force of Drill Head: 34KN (7643 lbf)
(9). Sliding Stroke of Mast: 850mm (33.5inch)
(10). the angle of the mast: from horizontal to vertical continuously adjustment
(11). Power Unit: electric motor: 37KW (50HP)/1480rpm
(12). Main arm of the foundation pile drill rig:  diesel engine: 75KW (100HP)/2200rpm lift to 55°
(13). Main arm: lower to 12°
(14). Mast: swing to the left 59° swing to the right 4° swing to the left: 85° swing to the right: 45°
(15. Dimensions of Piling Rig: Working dimensions (L×W×H): 7800×2200×5600 mm(307×86.6×220 inch) Transporting dimensions (L×W×H): 8000×2200×2700 mm(315×86.6×106.3 inch)
(16). Weight of the Foundation Pile Drill Rig: about 8.5T (18743 lb)

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