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MD-750 CBM drill rig is a crawler type full hydraulic drilling rigs for coal bed methane drilling, with 3200m drill capacity. The MD-750 crawler coal bed methane drilling rig is a brand new multi-functional drilling rig with intellectual property right. It draws on our more than 40 years' experience of drilling rig R and D and manufacture. It is designed by combining the characteristics of our domestic coal bed methane drilling with the foreign advanced exploration idea and valuable experience. And the advices from its clients are received so that it is a coal bed methane drilling rig especially suitable for China's geological condition.
Compared with the counterpart abroad, the MD-750 crawler coal bed methane drilling rig has a compact and simple structure, an excellent performance and a good price/performance ratio. It is mainly used in the exploration of coal bed methane and shallow oil, the repair of oil well and the construction of geothermal well. It can be also applied to the civil engineering rescue, the ventilation and discharge of mine, the construction of drainage pipe. There is one thing worthy noticing that the drilling rig can work on the super-deep core drilling.

1. The main machine of the crawler CBM drill rig is driven by the hydraulic pressure with a crawler chassis. It can provide good cross-country performance and strong climbing capacity. This ensures that the crawler coal bed methane drilling rig can deal with complicated road conditions to move around the drill site. Beside, the operating cost of drilling rig is low.
2. The main machine of the crawler CBM drill rig is equipped with two diesel motors. They can work together or separately. Such motor installation improves considerably the safety of the drilling rig.
3. The triangle parallel motion mechanism of the derrick reinforces the mast's stability.
4. The mast jacking chain triple speed mechanism in the drill boom shortens the transportation length, thus increases the working stroke.
5. The unit head is tilt-structured with its tilt angle of 80°; and the floating spindle of the unit head can allow the drilling rig move 850mm horizontally. These make the breaking out of drilling rod easy.
6. The rotator of the coal bed methane drilling rig is powered by motors at low speed with strong torque. The rotator has a high efficiency. Its maximum torque is 34000N.m and the highest rotary speed can be 170r/min.
7. There is a specific pipe lining system, i.e. follow-up lining. This system keeps all the pipes in order without any intersecting.
8. The well head is under the remote control of hydraulic pressure. It also installs the breaking out device for the drilling rod.
9. The crane installed on the main machine makes the on-site operation convenient and also reduces the workers' labor intensity.
10. The separate control chamber provides a good working environment for the worker. Coal bed methane drilling rig has the function of remote control.

Motor Weichai WP12.375 276KW/2100rpm×2 PCS
Drilling Capacity of the Crawler CBM Drilling Rig φ89mm×9m 3200 m
φ114.3mm×9m 2200 m
φ127mm×9m 1600 m
 Unit head Rotary Speed Range Low Speed  0~85 rpm High Speed  0~170rpm
Max.  Rotary Torque 34000N.m(0~85rpm/h) 17000N.m(0~170rpm/h)
 Reverse Screwing off Torque of Spindle 42000 Nm
Thru-hole Diameter of Spindle φ75 mm
Upturned Angle of Unit Head 0~80°
Parallel Travel of Unit Head 850 mm
Feeding Stroke 13.9 m
 Max. Lifting Force of Unit head 750 Kn
Max. Lifting Speed of Unit head 30 m/min
 Max. Feeding Force of Unit head 170 Kn
Max. Feeding Speed of Unit head 80 m/min
Capacity of Gas-measuring Winch Lifting Force (single rope, empty drum) 12 Kn
 Wire Line Diameter 8 mm
Wire Line Length 1500 m
Max. Lifting Speed 0~280 m/min
Mast of Crawler CBM Drilling Rig Adjustable Angle 0~90°
Drilling Angle 45~90°
Overall length with the upper mast stretched out 19.5m
 Initial Hole Diameter of Wellhead Max. Initial Hole Diameter φ650 mm
 Chassis of Crawler CBM Drilling Rig   Steel Crawler, Two-speed Motor, Walking Speed Reducer High Speed  0~2.4 Km/h Low Speed   0~1.2 Km/h
 Clamp Shackle (Selected Equipped) Max. Screwing off Force 70000 Nm
Max. Screwing on Force 35000 Nm
 Random Crank(Selected Equipped) Max. Lifting Force (single rope, empty drum) 30 Kn
Wine Line Diameter  φ10 mm
 Rope Capacity 120 m
 Mud Pump(Selected Equipped) Flow Rate 0~600 L/min
 Working Pressure 0~10 MPa
 Bubble Pump(Selected Equipped)   Flow Rate 0~1 L/min
 Others of Crawler CBM Drilling Rig Working Dimension 9500×3200×19500 mm
 Transport Dimension 13500×3200×3400 mm
Overall Weight 55000 kg

The MD-750 crawler coal bed methane frilling rig is nude packaged.