XY-42 Trailer Mounted Core Drilling Rig

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Trailer mounted drill rig XY-42 is a new product manufactured by our customer's demand. This trailer mounted core drilling rig is mounted on trailer with four hydraulic jacks and four tires, which in tunes increases its mobility. To serve the purpose of mounting, the dimension of the drilling rig has been carefully researched until the very right one. The trailer mounted core drilling rig's hydraulic mast can be flexibly adjusted to extend or retract the mast. The rig can be moved freely at site.

As a kind of spindle type core drilling rig, this trailer mounted core drilling rig, is a kind of vertical shaft drilling rig with strong drilling capacity powered by hydraulic pressure. It is suitable for the exploration of solid mineral deposit, be it metallic or nonmetal one. The trailer mounted core drilling rig can also be applied to the following fields: geology, metallurgy, coal, hydrological well, engineering, etc. The trailer mounted core drilling rig can be used in the exploration of surface-layer petroleum and natural gas, the ventilation and drain of mine tunnel as well as the large-diameter piling engineering.

Drilling Depth 120-600 m (394-1968 feet)
Max. Torque 2.1 KN·m (1548 lbf·ft)
Spindle Stroke 550 mm (21.65 inch)
I.D of Spindle 93 mm (3.66 inch)
Max. Lifting Capacity of Spindle 60 KN (13488 lbf)
Max. Pressure Force of Spindle 45 KN (10116 lbf)
Max. Hoisting Force 30 KN (6744 lbf)
Engine Power 22 KW (29.5 HP)
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