GQ-15A (Stopped Production) Engineering Drilling Rig

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1. General
GQ-15A (Stopped Production) Drill is a new type of product designed by our factory. The drill is in the aligned hydraulic feeding system, so it can drill in the ways by pressuring and decompressing. It can even load and unload drill tools, raise and pill down drill frame quickly and conveniently thanks to the devices driven by cylinders. The drill adopts direct and reverse circulation drilling technology, and drill in quaternary period gravel terrain and hard terrain. This type of drill can be mainly in application of foundation piles construction in large diameter for pile holes drilling of tall building, bridge, etc. and GQ-15A (Stopped Production) engineering drilling rig can be used for water well, and agricultural irrigation.

2. Specifications
Drilling Capacity Drilling diameter 1.5 m(4.92 feet)
Drilling depth 100 m(328feet)
Speed Positive 18;33;48;70 r/min
Negative 15 r/min
Max. Torque 15 KN·m (11055 lbf·ft)
Max. Pressuring Force 60 kN (13488 lbf)
Max. Lifting Force 80 kN (17984 lbf)
Feeding Stroke 900 mm (35.4 inch)
Main Hoist Capacity (single rope) 30 kN(6744 lbf)
Assistant Hoist Capacity (single rope) 20 kN(4496 lbf)
Effective Height of Drill Frame 8.5 m(27.9 feet)
Specified Load of Drill Frame 185 kN(41588 lbf)
Power of GQ-15A (Stopped Production) Engineering Drilling Rig 30 kw (40HP)
Dimensions (L×W×H) 5176×2390×8730 (mm) (204x94x344 inch)
Weight (without power ) 7500kg (16528 lb)

3. Auxiliary Apparatus:
(1). SF-146 Water swivel
(2). CF-146 Bushing retainer
(3). 6BS Sludger unit
(4). ZF-148 Kelly stem
SZZ-110 Kelly stem
(5). H3-18t Swing pulley
(6). TF-146(168) Elevator

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