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Underground Drilling Rig

The full hydraulic underground drilling rig is applied to the following fields: coal, metallurgy, geology and engineering, etc. Specifically, as a kind of underground diamond core rig, it is used to the large-diameter gas drainage and the water injection hole of mine, tunnel and coal mine. It is also used to the large-diameter horizontal drilling of the surface engineering. The full hydraulic underground drilling rig can accomplish the large-diameter cone drilling, large-diameter hard-metal drilling and the percussive-rotary drilling.

1. The full hydraulic underground drilling rig is split-type layout. This, along with its light weight, makes its transportation effortless, its operation flexible.
2. The feeding and rotation function of the unit head is accomplished like this: the explosion-proof motor and control system of the power unit puts the hydraulic pump in motion. Thus, the hydraulic fluid comes into being. By means of the hydraulic fluid, the motor makes the spindle rotate and multi-speed mechanism of the hydro-cylinder chain work.
3. The hydraulic chuck can accomplish the clamp and breaking out of the drilling rod as well as the function of block-out prevention.
4. The mast slide itself. The underground diamond core rig can also stretch out and draw back. This maintains a close touch between the mast and the foundation. As a result, the underground drilling rig will have an enhance stability.
5. The up-and-down swing of both the mast and the swing frame ensures the drilling from multi angles.
6. The spindle of the unit head has a wide range of rotary speed, thus a large rotary torque.

Specification of Underground Diamond Core Rig
The specification of the full hydraulic underground drilling rig is explained by taking the example of HYKD-3A underground diamond core rig.

Drilling Depth Φ55 Drilling Rod 300 m  Specification of Drilling Rod Φ55×150 Drilling Rod
Φ71 Drilling Rod 200 m Φ71×1500 Drilling Rod
Revolution Range of the Top drive Spindle 425-1280 rpm Max. Rotary Torque of the Unit Head Spindle 795 Nm
 Unit Head Travel of  underground diamond core rig 1600mm  Max. Lifting Force of Unit Head 62Kn
 System Working Pressure 25MPa Max. Feeding Force of the Unit Head 33Kn
Mast Slip Travel of  underground diamond core rig 495mm  Mast Bracket Swing Angle 90°
Swing Angle of Swing Frame: 100°  Motor of  underground diamond core rig 45Kw/1480rpm
 Explosion-proof Electric Motor of underground drilling rig YB225M-4(dIICT4)
Dimension of underground drilling rig L×W×H (for Main Machine) 2950×950×1850 mm  Weight of  underground diamond core rig   Main Machine 1000 Kg
  L×W×H(for Power Station) 1900×980×1320 mm  Power Station 1050 Kg
  L×W×H(for Control Cabinet) 540×360×1080 mm  Control Cabinet 140 Kg

The full hydraulic underground core drilling, or underground diamond core rig is nude packaged.

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