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  • HXY-8
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  • HXY-9
  • XY-42
  • HXY-TL

This drilling rig, as a diamond core drilling rig, is a kind of vertical shaft drilling rig with strong drilling capacity powered by hydraulic pressure. This kind of spindle core drilling rig is suitable for the exploration of solid mineral deposit, be it metallic or nonmetal one. It can also be applied to the following fields: geology, metallurgy, coal, hydrological well, engineering, etc. The spindle drilling rig can be used in the exploration of surface-layer petroleum and natural gas, the ventilation and drain of mine tunnel as well as the large-diameter piling engineering.

The spindle drilling rig is composed of diesel engine, rotor, winch, clutch and gearbox as well as hydromatic brake.

1. With the large diameter of through-hole of the spindle,the core drilling dig enjoys high adaptability. That is to say, the spindle core drilling rig is suitable for all kinds of drilling techniques.
2. Thanks to the light weight and the easy-disassembly, the spindle drilling dig is pretty convenient for transportation. Hence, the drilling dig can do a great favor while working in the mountain area.
3. As for the structure of the spindle core drilling dig, it is compact and well-distributed. And all the components can be seen clearly outside without overlapping one another. Therefore, the drilling dig is much easier to maintain and repair.

Packaging and Shipping
The spindle drilling rig is nude packed and shipped by container.

Models in Huanghai Factory:
XY-4, XY-42, XY-44A, HXY-2BT spindle core drilling rig, HXY-4T, HXY-42T, HXY-44T, HXY-5A, HXY-6A, HXY-6BⅡ, HXY-8, HXY-8B, HXY-9, Trailer mounted type HXY-2BT, truck mounted type XY-42
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Given the various types of spindle type core drilling dig, here we just take the HXY-8 as an example.

Drilling Depth 1000 m-3000 m
  Spindle Rotary Speed Forward 95, 175, 250, 363, 264, 487, 695, 1011rpm
Reverse 77, 215rpm
Drilling Rod Diameter Ф50, Ф60, Ф71, Ф89, Ф114 mm
Spindle Feeding Stroke 1000 mm
Travel of Drilling Rig 690 mm
Max. Hoisting Force of Spindle 300 Kn
Max. Pressurizing Force 141 Kn
Max. Lifting Force of  Winch (Single Rope and Empty Drum) 125 Kn
Max. Rope Capacity of Block 120 m
Diameter of Wire Rope 21.5 mm
Lifting Speed of Winch 0.663, 1.09, 1.693, 2.90, 1.761, 3.034, 4.713, 8.803
Power Installment Y2-280M-4, Electric Motor 90Kw./1480rpm
Power of Electric Motor 90 Kw
Rotary Speed of Electric Motor 1480 r/min
Diesel Model YC6B180ZLD(Yuchai Brand)
Power of Diesel 134 Kw
Rotary Speed of Diesel Engine 1800 r/min
Dimension 3905×1692×2603 mm, equipped with Electric Motor
4105×1892×2803 mm, equipped with Diesel Engine
Weight 9100 kg