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The tunnel core drilling rig, along with a particular pump, is the main component of tunnel drilling equipment. The pump is the same with the one used above the ground. However, there is some special requirement for the tunnel core drilling rig. It consists of four parts: main machine, control platform, power unit and oil tank. The four are linked together through the flexible conduit.
To make the tunnel core drilling rig work, it has to dig a chamber. As for its size, it depends on. For some small drilling rigs, there is no necessity to excavate the chamber and the drilling rig itself can travel along the tunnel.

The tunnel core drilling rig should enjoy great efficient, large torque, light weight and less noisy. Owing to the limited area of the tunnel, minimal floor area and easy to control should be other features. Besides, the drilling rig is easy to disassemble. This does great favor to its transportation.

The tunnel core drilling rig is applied to the following fields: coal, metallurgy, geology and engineering, etc. Specifically, it is used to the large-diameter gas drainage and the water injection hole of mine, tunnel and coal mine. It is also applied to the water exploring and discharging hole as well as geological structure hole.

Main Technical Specifications:
(1). drilling depth: Φ55mm (2.17 inch) drill rod 300m (984feet)
Φ71mm(2.80inch) drill rod 200m(656feet)
(2). Drill rod spec.: Φ55×1500mm (Φ2.17×59inch) drill rod
Φ71×1500mm(Φ2.80×59inch) drill rod
(3). the range of spindle rotating speed: 425-1280rpm
(4). the max. Rotating torque of spindle: 795 N·m(586 lbf·ft)
(5). The working pressure: 25 Mpa(3626 psi)
(6). Spindle stroke of tunnel core drilling rig: 1600mm (63 inch)
(7). the max. Lifting force of drill head: 62KN (13938 lbf)
(8). the max. Feeding force of drill head: 33KN (7418 lbf)
(9). the sliding stroke of mast: 495mm (19.5 inch)
(10). the swing angle of mast bracket (left & right): 90°
(11). the swing angle of arm (up and down): 100°
(12). Power unit: YB225M-4(dIICT4)explosion-proof electric motor 45KW (60HP)/1480rpm
(13). Dimensions:
Main machine (L×W×H): 2950×950×1850mm (116×37.4×72.8 inch)
Power unit (L×W×H): 1900×980×132mm (74.8×38.6×5.2 inch)
Operation cabinet (L×W×H): 540×360×1080mm (21.3×14.2×42.5 inch)

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