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  • HXY-4T
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  • HXY-5A
  • HXY-6A

Soil drilling rig is such a rig to perform soil investigation. There are various types of soil drilling such as conventional coring, destructive drilling with parameter recording, dynamic penetrometer, etc. The drilling rig is composed of diesel engine, rotor, winch, clutch and gearbox as well as hydromatic brake. Usually it is powered by hydraulic pressure and trailer-mounted.

Soil drilling rig is famous for its excellent compromise of power, weight, compactness and modularity. It can be erected on the hole quickly and can be removed easily. It is light weight and the easy-disassembly. It is a multi-functional, highly capable drilling rig. The soil drilling rig enjoys simple operation, precise control and high efficiency of coring. Since it is powered by hydraulic pressure, it has strong transmission power and high stability.

Types for choice:
Spindle type Soil drilling rig:
XY-2B, XY-4, XY-42, XY-44A, HXY-2BT, HXY-4T, HXY-42T, HXY-44T, HXY-5A, HXY-6A, HXY-6BII, HXY-8, HXY-8B, HXY-8B, HXY-9, Trailer-type HXY-2BT, Trailer-type XY-42
Hydraulic Soil drilling rig (Spindle type):

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