HXY-8 Core Drilling Rig

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The HXY-8 spindle type core drilling rig is hydraulic-fed equipped with hydraulic brake. And its hoister is in horizontal arrangement. It is mechanical transmission and spindle rotation.

The spindle core drilling rig is used widely in geology, metallurgy, coal, hydrogeology, hydrological well and engineering and other industries fields. It also applies to metallic and non-metallic solid mineral deposits prospecting, shallow oil and natural gas exploration.

Specifications of HXY-8

Drilling depth 1000—3000 m (3280—9840 feet)
Rotate peed (rpm) Clockwise rotation rates 79,136,121,363,220,379,589,1011
Anti-clockwise rotation rates 51,142
Diameter of drilling rod of core drilling rig Ф50,Ф60,Ф71,Ф89,Ф114 mm (Ф1.97,Ф2.36,Ф2.80,Ф3.50,Ф4.49 inch)
Spindle stroke 1000 mm(39.4 inch)
Shift range of core drilling rig 690 mm(27.2 inch)
Max. hoisting force 300 KN(67440 lbf)
Max. pressuring force 141 KN(31697 lbf)
Max. single-wire hoisting force 125 KN(28100 lbf)
Max. content of winding drum 120 m(394 feet)
Steel wire size of core drilling rig 21.5 mm(0.85 inch)
Hoisting speed 0.663,1.09,1.693,2.90,1.761,3.034,4.713,8.803m/s (2.17,3.58,5.55,9.51,5.78,9.95,15.46,28.87 feet/s)
Electromotor model for core drilling rig Y2-280M-4
Electromotor output 90 kw(122HP)
Electromotor rotation rate 1480 r/min
Diesel engine model Cummins 6BTA5.9-C180
Diesel engine output 132 kw (180HP)
Diesel engine rotation rate 1900 r/min
Dimensions of core drilling rig With electromotor 3905×1692×2603 mm (153.7×66.6×102.5 inch)
  With diesel engine 4105×1892×2803 mm (161.6×74.5×110.4 inch)
Weight 8200 kg(18080 lb)
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