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  • GM-20A
  • GQ-15A (Stopped Production)

This kind of drilling rig made in Huanghai Company is mainly used exploration of coal mine, metal, natural gas, coal bed methane, and so on. There is HYG-2 and GM-20A engineering drilling rig for choice, the former is full hydraulic type and the later one is with tower. Actual drilling capacity will depend on in-hold tools and conditions, drilling techniques and equipment used.

Types for choice:
1. GM-20A Engineering Drilling Rig (With tower)
It has strong torque and high drilling efficiency because of its ability to drill precisely. The range of its rotary speed is pretty wide.
2. GM-15A Engineering Drilling Rig
This type of drill can be mainly in application of foundation piles construction in large diameter for pile holes drilling of tall building, bridge, etc. and it can be used for water well for industry and agricultural irrigation.
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