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XY-2 core drilling is a new drilling rig developed to meet the increasing demand of both the users and the development of geological industry. It is applied to geological engineering, hydro-geology well and large-diameter engineering. Its drill bit is mainly diamond and tungsten-tipped ones.

The XY-2 diamond core rig is light weight and easy to transport. It adopts Deutz F3L 912 diesel engine or 22KW electric motor and its speed range is wide. Thanks to the arrangement of its rope, its winch can avoid the rope's intertwining and slow down its wear. When running at the high speed level, its transmission belt can make the diamond core rig soft in the uneven formation and therefore reduce the risk of damage and mechanical failure.

1. Drilling capacity

Drilling type Drilling depth
Foundation pile drilling 100m (328 feet)
Hydro geological well drilling 150m (492 feet)
Core Drilling 600m (1968 feet)

2. Rotator

Type of power engine Diesel diamond core rig Electromotor diamond core rig
Positive speed (r/min) 92, 152, 230, 330, 293, 485, 734, 1056 92, 152, 230, 330, 293, 485, 734, 1056
Negative speed (r/min) 81, 258 81, 258
Max. torque of Spindle 2.1 KN·m (1548 lbf·ft) 2.1 KN·m (1548 lbf·ft)
Spindle I.D 93mm (3.66 inch) 93mm (3.66 inch)

3. Hoist
Hoisting capacity (Single-third of the rope): 31300, 12600, 8800 N (7034, 2831, 1978 lbf)
Lifting speed of wire rope (The third rope): 0.64, 1.05, 1.6, 2.3 m/s (2.1, 3.44, 5.25, 7.54 inch/s)
Wire rope dia.: 12.5 mm (0.49 inch)
Drum dia of diamond core rig: 194 mm (7.64 inch)
Brake rim dia.: 360 mm (14.17 inch)
Drum length: 150 mm (5.91 inch)
Brake band width: -90 mm (3.54 inch)
Drum capacity: 80 m (262.4feet)
4. Traveling device
Retraction cylinder stroke of diamond core rig: 600 mm (23.62 inch)
Distance between drill rig and hole: 420 mm (16.54 inch)
5. Pressurizing system
Cylinder I.D.: 70 mm (2.76 inch)
Cylinder rod dia: 35 mm (1.38 inch)
Max. Pressure of the diamond core rig: 45 KN (10116 lbf)
Max. Lifting force: 60 KN (13488 lbf)
Cylinder stroke: 550 mm (21.65 inch)
6. Oil pump
Type: CBF-E416-AL diamond core rig
Displacement: 16 L/min (4.22 US Gallons/min)
Speed (r/min): 1500
Working pressure: 8 Mpa (1160 psi)
Max. Pressure: 20 Mpa (2901 psi)
7. Drill rod
(1) The hexagonal Kelly: Φ89×79 mm, Φ76×66 mm, Φ60×53 mm
(Φ3.50×3.11 inch, Φ3.0×2.60 inch, Φ2.36×2.09 inch)
(2) Φ89 mm, Φ71 mm, Φ50 mm (Φ3.50 inch, Φ2.80 inch, Φ1.97 inch)
8. Power engine
Diamond core rig with diesel engine Deutz F3L 912 28KW (37.5HP) 1500 rpm
Diamond core rig with electromotor Y180L-4 22KW (29.5HP) 1470 rpm
9. Dimensions (L×W×H): 2177×950×1863 mm (85.71×37.40×73.35 inch)
10. Weight of drill (without power unit): about 1300 kg (2867 lb)

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