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MD-900 crawler coalbed methane multifunctional drilling rig

MD-900 crawler coalbed methane multifunctional drilling rig

Product description
The MD-900 crawler-type coalbed methane multifunctional drilling rig is based on the research and development, manufacturing and practice of drilling machinery by our company for more than 50 years. In the design, the opinions of the construction unit were widely solicited, and the newly developed domestic new-type coalbed methane multi-functional drilling rig with independent intellectual property rights has a simpler structure, superior performance and better cost performance than foreign drilling rigs. It is more suitable for China's national conditions. coal bed gas drilling rig. The drilling rig is mainly used in coalbed methane exploitation, shallow oil drilling, oil well workover, geothermal water well construction, and can meet the survey and drilling of ultra-deep core holes in China, and can also be used for engineering rescue, mine ventilation holes, drainage Construction of pipelines.

The MD-900 crawler-type CBM multi-function drilling rig adopts full hydraulic drive, top driving power head, telescopic mast, and crawler-type self-propelled structure. It is a multi-functional and efficient drilling rig mainly for CBM drilling. The drilling rig can be constructed by various methods such as air hammer percussion drilling, gas reverse circulation drilling, and high-pressure mud drilling. It satisfies the diversified construction for a variety of different geological conditions.

Main technical features:

1. The drilling rig meets a variety of construction techniques and drilling methods, mainly including the following:

(1) Drilling method of horizontal branch wells of coalbed methane.

(2) Air DTH hammer drilling method.

(3) High pressure mud drilling method.

(4) Gas reverse circulation drilling method.

2. The main machine adopts the crawler self-propelled way. At present, the foreign drilling rigs mostly use the vehicle-mounted way, which has poor off-road capability. The construction on the vast territory of our country is limited by natural conditions, and many places are uneven and the slope is large, especially in the rainy season and muddy It is difficult to enter the site for construction under the conditions, and the transportation risk increases. In the long-distance transportation process, the crawler drilling rig is transported by pallets. When entering the site with uneven potholes and large slopes, the crawler is used to walk on its own. The grounding ratio is low and the adhesion is strong. It can enter the site safely and easily. Construction provides time guarantees while saving the cost of road construction.

3. The power of the main engine adopts the dual-power configuration of two diesel engines, with a power of 552KW. The power of the two diesel engines adopts the hydraulic coupling method, and the power units of the two diesel engines are configured separately, which can run at the same time and work separately, which greatly improves the construction safety. Reduced operating costs. In the drilling rig construction, even if the diesel engine and hydraulic control unit adopt the world's top technology products, it is inevitable that there will be failures in practical applications. When a failure occurs, one diesel engine stops, while the other can still run as usual, although the construction The speed has slowed down a lot, but he can still ensure safe construction, improve safety, reliability, and provide sufficient time for drilling rig maintenance work.

4. The rig frame adopts a triangular translation mechanism, which increases the support of the rig and strengthens the stability of the mast. At the same time, it leaves enough lifting stroke for the wellhead and enough space for the installation of wellhead safety equipment.

5. The mast adopts a telescopic chain double-speed mechanism, the structure is simple, the transportation length is shortened, and the working stroke is increased. At the same time, a unique oil pipe arrangement follow-up structure is added to the upper end of the mast. The oil pipes are neatly arranged, less wear and tear and neat appearance. The maximum lifting force is about 90 tons, and the maximum feeding force is about 18 tons

6. The power head adopts the hydraulic top drive method, which has a large starting torque. The main shaft adopts a unique floating structure, which facilitates the loading and unloading of the drill pipe and reduces the wear of the drill pipe thread. Because CBM exploitation mostly adopts vertical hole drilling, which brings great inconvenience to the loading and unloading of drill pipe. In order to solve this problem, the power head of the drilling rig adopts a tilting structure with a maximum tilting angle of 80°, which makes the vertical unloading of the drill pipe change to the horizontal loading and unloading method, which facilitates the construction and reduces the labor intensity of the operator.

7. The hydraulic system of the drilling rig adopts well-known hydraulic products at home and abroad. The electro-hydraulic proportional closed circuit and the open load sensing circuit cooperate with high reliability and advanced performance. At the same time, the decompression drilling function is added, which provides a reliable guarantee for the construction of drilling rigs with strict drilling pressure requirements such as diamond.

8. The operation of the drilling rig adopts the remote operation mode. The drilling rig has an independent operating room. During the drilling process of the air hammer, the operating table is near the wellhead, and there is a lot of dust. In order to ensure the smooth progress of the project, the operator has to wear it in hot summer. Put on a gas mask, and the construction conditions are harsh. The use of remote control keeps the operator away from the wellhead and provides a safe, reliable and clean operating environment for the operator.

9. The wellhead platform of the drilling rig adopts the opening and closing hydraulic wellhead, which is convenient for operation. At the same time, a clamping shackle tong is equipped above the wellhead, which changes the way that imported and domestic drilling rigs use heavy hydraulic lifting tongs for loading and unloading drill pipes. Remote electro-hydraulic operation, convenient and reliable construction.

10. The main engine is equipped with a random crane, which is used for on-site hoisting of drill pipes, drill bits and other auxiliary work, which reduces the labor intensity of the operator and facilitates on-site construction.

11. The drilling rig is equipped with a crane, an operation room, an oil logging system (optional), a pedestrian ladder, an escape slide, and a hydraulic wellhead baffle.  
Power 552kW 276kW/2100rpm×2set Weichai
Drilling capacity (Drill pipe specification and drilling depth) φ89mm×9m 3600 m  
φ114.3mm×9m 2800 m  
φ127mm×9m 2200 m  
power head capability Spindle rotation speed range Low speed 0~85 rpm High speed 0~170rpm  
Spindle maximum rotation torque 34000N.m (0~85rpm m) 17000N.m (0~170rpm)  
Spindle reverse shackle torque 42000 N.m  
Spindle through hole diameter φ75 mm  
Power head up angle 0°~80°  
Power head translation stroke 850 mm  
power head feeding process 13.9 m  
maximum lifting force of the power head 900 kN  
maximum lifting speed of the power head 35 m/min  
Maximum feed force of power head 180 kN  
Maximum feed speed of power head 80 m/min  
mast Maximum lifting speed 0~280 m/min  
adjustment angle 0°~90°  
Drilling angle 45°~90°  
Upper mast working stroke 7000 mm  
Full extension length of upper mast 19.5m  
Clamping Shackle Maximum shackle torque 70000 N.m  
Maximum make-up torque 35000 N.m  
Anchor plate maximum opening diameter   φ680 mm  
random crane Single rope empty hub maximum lifting force 30 kN  
wire rope diameter φ10 mm  
rope capacity 120 m  
Chassis Steel track chassis
Two-speed motor + travel reducer
High speed 0~3 km/h Low speed 0~1.5 km/h  
Drill Floor oil standard driller's room H2.5 m
More than 20 square meters
Others working size 9500×3200×19500 mm  
Shipping size 13500×3200×3400 mm  
gross weight 57000 kg