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MD-750 crawler type coalbed methane multifunctional drilling rig

MD-750 crawler type coalbed methane multifunctional drilling rig

Product description
MD-750 tracked CBM multi-function drill rig The MD-750 crawler-type coalbed methane multifunctional drilling rig is based on the research and development, manufacturing and practice of drilling machinery by our company for more than 40 years. , widely solicited the opinions of the construction unit in the design, and the newly developed domestic first new type of coalbed methane multifunctional drilling rig with independent intellectual property rights is more suitable China's national coalbed methane drilling rig. The drilling rig is mainly used in coalbed methane exploitation, shallow oil drilling, oil well workover, geothermal water well construction, and can meet the survey and drilling of ultra-deep core holes in China, and can also be used for engineering rescue, mine ventilation holes, drainage Construction of pipelines.
Technical Features
1. The main engine adopts full hydraulic drive, crawler chassis, and has strong off-road performance, which can adapt to the entry and exit construction of various complex roads, with strong climbing ability and low transportation cost.
2. The main engine power adopts dual diesel engine power configuration, which can work at the same time and operate independently, which greatly improves the safety of construction.
3. The rig frame adopts a triangular translation mechanism, which increases the stability of the mast.
4. The drill boom adopts the double-speed mechanism of the mast jacking chain, which has a simple structure, shortens the transportation length and increases the working stroke.
5. The power head adopts a tiltable structure with a maximum tilting angle of 80°; at the same time, the power head adopts a floating spindle structure, which can also translate 850mm, which is convenient for the withdrawal of the drill pipe.
6. The rotation of the drilling rig is driven by a low-speed high-torque motor, with high starting efficiency, the maximum torque can reach 34000N m, and the maximum speed is 170r/min.
7. Unique oil pipe arrangement follow-up system, neatly arranged without interference.
8. The wellhead adopts long-distance hydraulic operation and is equipped with a drill pipe shackle device.
9. The main engine is equipped with a random crane, which is convenient for on-site construction and reduces the labor intensity of construction personnel.
10. Independent operation studio, which can be operated from a long distance and has a superior construction environment.

No. Name Item Spec.
1 Drill head Torque/rotating speed 34KNm/85rpm
2 17KNm/170rpm
3 Screwing off torque 34 KN·m
4 Swing angle 0--80°
5 Stroke 15m
6 Spindle dia. φ75mm
7 Feeding system Lifting force/speed 750KN/30m/min
8 Feeding force/speed 170KN/80 m/min
9 Drilling capacity Drill rod dia./drilling depth φ89mm/3200m
10 Drill rod dia./drilling depth φ114mm/2200m
11 Drill rod dia./drilling depth φ127mm/1600m
12 Crane Lifting force 30kN
13 Steel wire diameter φ10mm
14 Drum capacity 120m
16 Hole diameter of the wellhead max. φ650mm
17 Diesel engine Model WP12.375
18 Power/rotating speed 276KW/2100rpm x2
19 Shackles Max. screwing off torque 70 KN·m
20 Max. screwing on torque 35 KN·m
22 Working Max. 19.5m
23 Min. 13.5m
24 Chassis Max. climbing angle 30°
25 Max. speed 2.5 km/h
26 Transportation dimensions L/W/H 13500x3200x3400 mm
27 Weight   55 t