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GYD-20 Engineering Drill Rig

GYD-20 Engineering Drill Rig

Product description
Product introduction
  The GYD-20 drilling rig is a new product developed and designed by the company. Equipped with a hydraulic feeding system, which can realize the drilling rig's addition and decompression drilling, equipped with walking, tower and shackle cylinder devices, which can quickly move, raise and lower the drilling frame and unscrew the drilling tools. Using forward and reverse circulation drilling technology, drilling in Quaternary gravel-bearing formations and hard formations. It is mainly used for various types of mine holes such as rescue, transportation and ventilation, large-diameter foundation pile holes for high-rise buildings and bridges and other projects. It is also used for industrial water or agricultural irrigation large-diameter well drilling.
Maximum hole diameter 2m Variable pump displacement 140+45ml
Maximum drilling depth 800m Hydraulic system rated pressure 28mpa
Maximum swing torque 21000N·m Motor model/power Y315S-4/110KW
Rotating speed 0-100r/min Motor speed 1480r/min
maximum pressure 400kN Dimensions (mm)  
give process 5000mm working status 5760×2500×10370
Moving cylinder stroke 1500mm shipping status 10580×2500×2810
Hydraulic pump form Variable displacement piston pump Rig weight 17500kg