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GM-20A Engineering Drill Rig

GM-20A Engineering Drill Rig

GM-20A engineering drilling rig
Product description

Product introduction
GM-20A engineering drilling rig is a large-diameter light engineering drilling rig with tower crane integrated on the basis of GM-20 drilling rig improved by our company.
The machine integrates the characteristics of three types of drilling rigs: rotary table, power head and spindle type. It has high drilling efficiency, large drilling rig torque, high drilling accuracy, small over-diameter coefficient, wide rotational speed range, hydraulic pressure and pressure drilling, and oil cylinder up and down. The tower is fast and safe; the orifice is open after moving the car, and the drill bit with a diameter of 2.0 meters can be directly moved up and down; the steel cage can be directly lowered; the auxiliary winch has strong lifting ability and centralized control; The forward and reverse circulation drilling technology can be used to drill in the Quaternary gravel-bearing formation and hard formation. It is suitable for drilling large-diameter foundation pile holes such as bridges, highways, and high-rise buildings.

1. Drilling ability  
Use φ168 reverse circulation drill pipe  
Drilling diameter 2000mm  
Drilling depth 80m  
2. Rotator  
Type: gyrator fixed, pressure beam cylinder pressurized  
Speed: Forward fifth gear 10.4、19、31、49.3、76.5r/min  
Reverse one gear 11.8r/min  
maximum torque 40000N.m  
The maximum pressure of the pressure beam 100000N  
Maximum lifting force of pressure beam 120000N  
give process 400mm  
gyrator through hole Hexagonal holeφ247×223mm  
3. Windlass  
(1) Main winch  
Type: Planetary gear transmission, hand brake  
Single rope maximum lifting capacity 45000N  
6 rope rated lift capacity 270000N  
Single rope lifting speed 0.68、1.25、2、3.2、5m/s  
Wire rope diameter 18.5mm  
Reel capacity 90m  
(2) Auxiliary winch    
Type: 2K-H type planetary gear transmission, hand brake  
Single rope maximum lifting capacity 30000N  
Single rope lifting speed 0.6、1.15、1.79、2.85、4.41m/s  
Wire rope diameter φ15.5mm  
Reel capacity 80mm  
4. Clutch and transmission system
Clutch Type: Dry double-plate friction clutch
Gearbox: Sliding combined sub-shift, forward fifth gear, reverse first gear
5. Rack
Type: skid type (with sliding base)
travel itinerary 1500mm
Drilling distance from the orifice 995mm
6. Oil pump
Type gear pumps Double gear oil pump
Displacement 33L/min 32+12L/min
work pressure 0—8MPa 0—8MPa
greatest pressure 12MPa 12MPa
Rotating speed 1500r/min 1500r/min
7. Drilling rig power
electric motor Y225M—4 1480r/min     45KW
8. Dimensions of the drilling rig (length × × )
shipping status 11500×2500×3100(mm)
working status 5760×3000×11000(mm)
9. Total weight of drilling rig
including electric motor 12500Kg
10. Drill stand
Type A (cylinder up and down)
effective 10.5m
Rated load 180KN