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FDP-45 / 90 Horizontal Directional Drill

FDP-45 / 90 Horizontal Directional Drill

Product description

FDP-45/90 Horizontal Directional Drilling Rig

I. Main Structure Features

A. Adopting advanced control technology for the hydraulic and electric systems, the rig is comfortable in operation; adopting wire-less remote control method; main components are adopted well-known brands home and abroad.

B. Adopting well-known brand, the Cummins diesel engine has the features of lower emission and lower noise; combining international leading level control technique, the rig is not only more suitable to be performed in urban area, but has the power consumption reduced to the lowest level under the non-loading working condition of the rig.

C. The rotation of drill head is driven with two low speed hydraulic motors, in large torque, and set with 2 gear stepless speed adjustment.

D. Push/pull with reinforcement to the drill head, the max. push and pull capacity up to 960KN; with rack and pinion transmission method, the rig is in high stability and efficiency.

E. Mud pump is driven hydraulically and in mechanical transmission, the pump can be adjusted flexibly for its pressure and displacement.

F. Adopting steel crawlers with rubber track boots, the rig can not only sustain heavy loading, but travel on all kinds of roads.

G. Provided with completed set drilling tools, including Φ83×4500mm drill rod, and the tools can be provided basing on special customization.

H. Equipped with wireless guiding device, the rig is in easy operation. I. With robotic hand in option, it is easy for rod loading and unloading and in higher efficiency; thus the operators’ physical strength are largely decreased. 

II. Main Technical Parameters

Engine Power           Cummins 6CTA8.3-C260  194Kw/2200rpm
Feed/Pull Capacity             480 /960KN
Rotation Torque 23000N·m
Spindle Rotation Speed 0~55,0~110r/min
Feed Stroke 4900mm
Guide Hole Diameter φ240mm
Penetration Angle 2-20°
Pressure of Hydraulic System 30MPa
Traveling Speed 1~2km/h
Dimensions (L×W×H) 8900×2300×2600mm  
Weight          16t   
Mud Pump Max. Flow Rate (optional) 600 L/min
Mud Pump Max Pressure 10MPa
Rod Size φ89×4500mm