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FDP-45E Non-digging Directional Drilling Rig

FDP-45E Non-digging Directional Drilling Rig

Product description

FDP-45E Horizontal Directional Drilling Rig

I. Main Structure Features Product introduction
1. The drilling rig adopts the design concept of short mast, which is light in weight and comfortable in operation. It adopts wired remote control for walking. The main accessories are all well-known products at home and abroad.
2. The Cummins EFI diesel engine features low emission and low noise, and with the use of internationally leading control technology, it is not only more suitable for urban construction, but also minimizes the power consumption of the drilling rig under no-load conditions.
3. The rotation of the power head is driven by dual motors, with large torque, and has a two-speed stepless speed regulation function.
4. The push-pull of the power head is driven by dual motors with a reducer, and driven by rack and pinion, with good stability and high efficiency.
5. The mud pump is in the form of hydraulic drive and mechanical speed change, which can flexibly adjust the pressure and pump volume.
6. The crawler adopts steel crawler and rubber shoe, which can bear high load and walk on various roads.  
7. The supporting drilling tools are complete, using φ83×3000mm drill pipe, and can be specially customized according to user requirements.

Performance parameters  

Name Parameter
Engine Power Cummins 6CTA8.3-C260
Feed Force/Retract Force 194KW (2200r/min)
Rated Torque 450KN
Spindle Speed 19500N m
Maximum Push-Pull Speed 0-60/0-120r/min
Give Process 50m/min
Pilot Hole Diameter 3500m
Drilling Angle Φ170
Hydraulic System Pressure 2-18°
Mud Pump Maximum Flow 31.5MPa
Maximum Pressure Of Mud Pump 400 (plunger)/450 (piston) L/min
Drill Pipe Specification 8MPa
Walking Speed Φ83×3000mm
Dimensions 1.5-3km/h
Weight 6.6(L)X2.3(W)X2.4(H)m