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FDP-200 HDD Drilling Rig

FDP-200 HDD Drilling Rig

Product description

FDP-200 Horizontal Directional Drilling Rig

I. Main Structure Features

A. Adopting first-class hydraulic products in the world and the hydraulic circuit in closed for push-pull and rotation, and open for auxiliary circuit loading sensing system cooperating each other, and with electric-hydraulic proportional control in high efficiency. 

B. Adopting electrical and manual control of operation valve group, imported from USA, the main Sauer control valve is very reliable. 

C. Pointers and electronic devices are adopted together for data showing of the rig, rig pressure, torque, rotation speed and push-pull capacities are clear at a glance.   

D. Adopting two-low- speed and large torque motor made by Poclain Hydraulics Industrie SAS, France for the rotation of drill head; set with 2 gear stepless speed adjustment function, floating of spindle is helpful for protection of rod thread. 

E. Adopting six motors and reducer driving for drill head feeding; with rack and pinion transmission model, the rig is in high stability.

F. Installed with operation cabin, equipped with air conditioner, the rig is easy to operate in a comfortable working environment.

G. Shackles can be adjusted for the space of making jaws and breaking jaws; breaker can be centered automatically, breaking accurately, stably and reliably and gripper can move on the mast full stroke.  

II. Main Technical Parameters

Engine Power           Weichai Power 390KW/2100rpm
Max Push/Pull Capacity             2100KN
Max. Rotation Torque 60000N·m (I Gear)
30000N·m (II Gear)
Max. Feeding/ Pull Speed 6m/min (I Gear)
12m/min (II Gear)
36m/min (III Gear)
Spindle Rotation Speed 0~40,0~80r/min
Penetration Angle 8-16°
Max. Making Torque 70000N·m
Max. Breaking Torque 140000N·m
Crane on Rig 3.2t
Traveling Speed 2~4km/h
Max. Permissible Gradient 30°
Mud Pump Max. Flow Rate 1500 L/min (optional)
Mud Pump Max Pressure 10MPa
Rod Size 6m
Dimensions (L×W×H) 13000×2700×3000mm  
Weight          36t