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FDP-200/300 Horizontal Directional Drill

FDP-200/300 Horizontal Directional Drill

Product description

FDP-200/300 Horizontal Directional Drill

FDP-200/300 HDD drilling rig is an integrated self-loading design, adopts closed energy-saving loop, electro-hydraulic proportional control, load-sensitive control and other advanced energy-saving control technologies, and the main performance parameters and control technology have reached the international advanced level. Level. Hydraulic system, transmission system, reducer, electrical control system and other major components are selected from first-class international brand products with high reliability.

1. Liquid crystal instrument, torque control can be set, easy to operate; electronic sensing technology is responsive, can timely feedback instantaneous overload, and reliably protect the drilling rig.
2. High-power single power system, combined with proprietary multi-condition speed regulation technology and multi-speed control technology of rotation and push-pull, the drilling rig has a wide range of applications.
3. The patented technology of the gripper with full travel and multi-point clamping realizes automatic centering of the drill pipe and reliable clamping.
4. Overload protection technology, the rotary torque and push-pull force of the drilling rig can be adjusted and digital pressure regulation technology is adopted, which is convenient and simple to adjust and can be preset accurately.
5. The cab can realize the function of elevation and translation, with good control vision and improved operating comfort.


Item Parameter                  
  Engine Manufacturers Weichai
Model WP13G530E310
Power rating 390KW
Thrust-Pull   Max pull/thrust force 3000KN
Max pull/thrust speed 28m/min
  Rotation Max Torque 60000N.m
Max spindle speed 90r/min
Pipe Diameter × Length 6000mm
Max inclination angle 18
Loader Crane Lifting weight 3.2t
Travel driving  Steel crawler self-propelled
Traveling speed 1.5 km/h
 Weight 38t
Dimension  L×W×H 13.5*2.7*3.0m
Engine WP13G530E310(Weichai)
Rotary pump 90L100×2  (Sauer)
Push pump 90L075×2  (Sauer)
Rotary Motor MS35*2(Poclain)
Rotary reducer non
Push Motor A6V107×6  (Rexroth)
Push reducer China
Main valve PVG32(Sauer)
Handle MCH22(Sauer)
Walking speed reducer TM40(DOOSAN)
Hydraulic cylinders /
Lorry crane 3.2t
Hydraulic tubing Manuli