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FDP-1500 HDD Drilling Rig

FDP-1500 HDD Drilling Rig

Product description

I. Main Structure Features

1.FDP-1500 rig adopts the split structure, with the main power station, the mainframe and the control cabin being all independent, offering flexibility and ease of mobility on site. The rig’s main power station can be equipped with crawler track in accordance with the customer’s requirement.

2.Crawler Type(the chassis may be disassembled with main machine quickly ) and platform can be provided. The main machine the mainframe is equipped with diesel engine (100-145kw) to drive it moving.

3.Power and hydraulic system are featured by:

(1)The main hydraulic components are all well-known products at home and abroad. With two engines, which can work independently or jointly, the rig is strong in power. In case that one of the engines fails to work, another one can still work, greatly improving the safety of operation.

(2)The hydraulic valve group of the rig can be controlled electrically and manually. In case there is failure occurring in the electrical circuit, the operation can be controlled manually.

(3)The unique digital-setting system can be used to preset the torque and rotary force in accordance with the condition of the project and the parameters of rods, making a visual display.

(4)The temperature of the hydraulic system is automatically controlled, which means alternating the value of heat emission in accordance with the environmental temperature.

(5)The hydraulic components of the mast and crawler can be dismounted for the convenience of transport.

(6)Closed circuit system for rotating feeding, open circuit load sensing system for auxiliary loop.

4.The clamp shackle device is featured by:

(1)The reliability of drill rod’s shackle is greatly improved by using the three-jaw closing structure

(2)With clamping force being adjustable, the operator can adjust the clamping force in accordance with size of rods and the project’s requirements so as to lengthen the lifespan of rods and clamp teeth.

(3)The clamp shackle is compact in structure. It can work properly even when the connector of rods is very short in length.

(4)The clamp shackle can move freely so as to guarantee the break-out of rod connector at any position.

5.Power head is featured by: 

(1)Instead of slide friction, the move of the rid is made by roller rack friction so as to reduce the power loss.

(2)The floating structure is used for the main shaft so as to avoid the wearing in the process of demounting the shackle of the rod.

(3)The unique structure of the mandrel avoids the occurrence of stress concentration.

6.The rig is equipped with a crane, offering flexibility and ease mobility of rods and reamer on site.  

II. Main Technical Parameters

Engine Power           Volvo Sweeden  4×450KW
Max Push/Pull Capacity             1500t
Max. Rotation Torque 210000N·m (I Gear)
105000N·m (II Gear)
Max. Feeding/ Pull Speed 36m/min (I Gear)
18m/min (II Gear)
17m/min (III Gear)
8.5m/min (IV Gear)
Spindle Rotation Speed 0~50,0~100r/min
Penetration Angle 8-16°
Max. Making Torque 210000N·m
Max. Breaking Torque 420000N·m
Crane on Rig 6.3t
Mud Pump Max. Flow Rate 4000 L/min (optional)
Mud Pump Max Pressure 20MPa
Rod Size Less Than 10.5m