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Product description
Model Nominal of Derrick Max. Static Load of Crown Block Length of Stand Inclined Angle Nominal Area of Pedestal Number of Crown Block Max. Load of Hanging Cage Weight of Derrick for Geological Exploration
HCX-13 13m 163kN 2x4.5 or 3x3 75°-90° 3.8mx4.7m 3 0.8kN 4450kg
HCX-18 18m 320kN 3x4.5 or 4x3 75°-90° 4.5mx5.8m 3 0.8kN 5480kg
SGZ-18 18m 320kN 3x4.5 or 4x3 90° 4.5mx4.5m 4 0.8kN 5300kg
HR-18/25 18m 250kN 2x4.5 or 3x3 90° 3.94m 2 0.8kN 4500kg
RYT-18 18m 300kN 2x4.5 or 3x3 90° 6.5mx4.7m 4 0.8kN 8200kg
HCX-23 23m 320kN 4x4.5 or 6x3 75°-90° 7.32mx5.572m 3 0.8kN 7500kg
SGZ-23 23m 320kN 4x4.5 or 6x3 90° 5.5mx5.5m 4 0.8kN 7300kg
SG-24 24m 600kN 4x4.5 or 6x3 90° 6.5mx6.5m 4 0.8kN 13500kg
SGXZ-24 24m 600kN 4x4.5 or 6x3 75°-90° 8.3mx6.5m 3 0.8kN 13900kg
HA-29/90 29m 900kN 25m 90° 11mx6.8m 4 0.8kN 26900kg