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HYQB-6 Portable Full Hydraulic Drilling Rig

HYQB-6 Portable Full Hydraulic Drilling Rig

Product description
HYQB-6drilling rigs are split portable full hydraulic core exploration drilling rigs designed for medium and deep holes in difficult-to-access areas to meet the requirements of green exploration.
Technical Features The hydraulic system adopts a closed + open system, which improves the system efficiency and power utilization rate; the power head adopts a combination of mechanical + hydraulic stepless speed regulation, and a single variable motor can achieve different torque ranges and adapt to different formation drilling requirements. ; The hydraulic system adopts gear pump, which improves the system pressure and increases the drilling capacity under the same structure; the feeding adopts the double guide rod method, which simplifies the structure and increases the stability.  
Components Items HYQB-6 Remarks
Drilling Capacity Drill Rod Standard HTW/NTW/BTW Ordinary drill rod can be used
Drilling Depth 400/600/800 Reference depth
Drill Rod Length 1.5m  
Drilling Angle 45º-90º It can be up to 0º-90º as required
Power Unit Diesel Engine V1505-T Kubota
Qty. 3  
Rated Speed 3000rpm  
Rated Power/ Total Power 33kW/99kW  
Top drive drill head Max. Spindle Speed 1300rpm  
Max. Torque 1170Nm  
Speed Regulation Mode Mechanical 2nd gear + hydraulic stepless speed regulation  
Feeding System Lifting Capacity 160kN Single cylinder reduced by half
Feeding Capacity 80kN  
Feeding Stroke 1.8m  
Hydraulic System Type Closed + Open  
Max. Pressure 30MPa  
Mud Pump Driving mode Hydraulic direct drive  
Flow 120L/min  
Pressure 8MPa  
Steel Wire Hoist Hoisting Force 10kN  
Steel Wire Diameter 6.3mm  
Clamp Clamoing Scope HTW/NTW/BTW  
Hold Diameter 134mm