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HYKD-4A Full Hydraulic Tunnel Drilling Rig

HYKD-4A Full Hydraulic Tunnel Drilling Rig

Product description

HYKD-4A Full Hydraulic Underground Drill Rig HYKD-4A full hydraulic tunnel drilling rig is mainly used in coal, geology, metallurgy, engineering and other industries, used for large-diameter gas drainage holes, water injection holes and large-diameter horizontal holes in surface engineering in mines, tunnels, and coal mines construction. It can meet the requirements of large-diameter roller cone drilling, large-diameter carbide drilling and impact rotary drilling.
Technical Features
1. Split layout, small size, light weight, convenient relocation and flexible operation.
2. The power unit uses an explosion-proof motor and a control system to drive the hydraulic pump, and the motor drives the rotation of the main shaft and the direct push mechanism of the oil cylinder to realize the feeding and rotation functions of the power head.
3. The hydraulic chuck fully meets the functions of clamping, shackle and power-off protection of the drill pipe.
4. The mast slide telescopic function, which is convenient for the mast and the base to stick closely to the base during drilling to enhance the stability of the work.
5. The up and down swing of the swing arm and the mast is suitable for multi-angle opening requirements.
6. The power head spindle has a wide speed range and a large rotation torque.

Main Technical Specifications:

Drilling Depth (m) BQ 600
NQ 480
HQ 350
Drill Head Rated Rotary Torque Nm 1000
Rotary Speed r/min 0~1200
Lifting Force/Feeding Force (Chain)
kN 100/50
    Lifting Force/Feeding Force
(Cylinder Driving Directly)
kN 90/90
Rated Power of Electromotor kW 55
Rated Rotary Speed of Electromotor r/min 1480
Drill Head Feeding Stroke mm 1800
System Pressure MPa 28
Single-wire Hoisting Capacity of Wire-line Winch kN 12
Rope Dia. of Wire-line Winch mm 6
Drilling Angle ° 0-180
  Weight Main Machine kg 2200
Power Unit kg 1100
Control Cabinet kg 130
Dimensions Main Machine mm 4220*1020*1920
Power Unit mm 2125*1140*1290
Control Cabinet mm 960*550*1050