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HXY-8 Core Drilling Rig

HXY-8 Core Drilling Rig

Product description

HXY-8 (8B) drill rig I.Brief Introduction The type of HXY-8 Core Drill Rig is a kind of core drill rig for medium and deep hole drilling using diamond and carbide-tipped bits, with mechanical transmission, spindle rotation, hydraulic feeding. HXY-8 is a type of vertical-spindle drilling rig. The drill rigs can be applied to metallic and nonmetallic solid mineral deposits prospecting; shallow strata oil and natural gas exploration. They could be used widely in geology, metallurgy, coal, hydrogeology, hydrological well and engineering and other industries fields. The HXY-8 could be used as traditional vertical-spindle drilling rig. It is the priority selection equipments and suitable for medium and deep depth hole drilling at present in China. Ⅱ. Technical Features

1. The drilling rig has more speed series (8 stages) and a reasonable speed range, and the low-speed torque is large. Therefore, the drilling rig has strong technological adaptability and a wide range of use, which is not only suitable for small-diameter diamond core drilling, but also meets the requirements of large-diameter carbide core drilling and some engineering drilling.
2. The drilling rig can be decomposed into multiple integral parts, which is convenient for transportation and relocation, and is suitable for working in a variety of complex environments.
3. The structure is simple and the layout is reasonable, which is convenient for maintenance, maintenance and repair.
4. The drilling rig has two reverse rotation speeds, which is convenient for accident handling.
5. The center of gravity of the drilling rig is low, the fixing is firm, the moving vehicle is stable, and the stability is good when drilling at high speed.
6. The instrument is complete, which is convenient for the observation of various drilling parameters.
7. The operating handle is centralized, easy to operate, simple and flexible.
8. The mud pump is driven independently, and the power configuration and airport layout are more flexible.
9. Circular slips can be configured according to user needs, which can directly clamp the rope drill pipe for drilling, eliminating the need for active drill pipe.
10. The hydraulic system is equipped with a hand-operated oil pump. When the power machine cannot work, the hand-operated oil pump can still be used to deliver pressure oil to the feeding cylinder, and the drilling tools in the hole can be pulled out to avoid buried drilling accidents.
11. The winch is equipped with a water brake to ensure smooth and safe drilling when drilling deep holes.   III Specifications of HXY-8  

1. Basic parameters
Drilling depth       2600m(Φ73mm)
Vertical shaft rotation angle 0~360°
Dimensions (L×W×H)   3905×1692×2603mm(Motor)
Rig weight (without power) 7900kg
2. Rotator (with 90kW, 1480r/min power machine)
Vertical shaft speed Forward low speed 99;168;256;363r/min
Forward high speed 277;467;715;1011r/min
Reverse low speed 70r/min
Reverse high speed 194r/min
Vertical axis travel 1000mm
Maximum lifting force of vertical shaft 294kN
Maximum pressure of vertical shaft 141kN
Maximum rotary torque of vertical shaft 8682N·m
Vertical shaft through hole diameter 118mm
3. Winch (with 90kW, 1480r/min power machine)
Single rope maximum lifting capacity 125kN 45kN
Wire rope diameter 0.76;1.40;1.86;2.90m/s
Reel capacity 21.5mm
Single rope maximum lifting capacity 185m
4. Moving device
Moving cylinder stroke 690mm
5. Hydraulic system
System set working pressure 12MPa
Gear pump displacement 32+20ml/r
6. Rig power
model Y2-280M-4Motor YC6B180D Diesel
power 90kW 134kW    
Rotating speed 1480r/min 1800r/min